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Full business review and Pricing deep dive

A full business overview encompasses 1-2 days on site with a client.  It is vital to get a full and deep understanding of the business first hand.  In addition, LS consulting gathers, often remotely, as much information as possible to supplement their understanding of the business.  This research takes time, which businesses themselves often don’t have time to doubt drives new perspectives on opportunities for the business.  LS Consulting derives insights from this data analytics, interprets and reports on the key opportunities and challenges facing the business


Where there is a special interest area eg Pricing , LS Consulting may also provide excel output or models to interpret data and findings. 


This process normally takes around 45 hours from start to finish including the final report write up and presentation, but timings can vary depending on the assignment.  The full business review is often set as a fixed price with an agreed list of deliverables that is assumed to be achievable in the timeframe. Anything outside of that timeframe shall be noted and parked for additional piece of work.  Clients are often amazed at the volume of work completed on these reviews as it highlights things they had not even considered before.  It’s a great way to get that independent view on your business from a fresh pair of eyes that has that business and financial mindset.

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